Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shop till ya drop

I could have bought that Narzalik to ward off negative energy. It's literally on everything, from doormats and cigarette lighters, to earrings and denim. I bought the latter in the form of jeans, to ward off the shopping bug. Ok we bought a Narzalik too, which we'll hang above the front door.

Last stop Istanbul

Back in Istanbul for a few days before we head back West. The weather is pleasant. Got some rain our first night, but now the showers are sun filled. Fall colors are all about, oh and the 15 million people are still here. Portland will feel like a ghost town.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turkish Airlines inflight cuisine

Kidney beans in olive oil, chicken sandwich, and almond cake. Hands down, best meals at 34000 ft.


Pilot of our hot air balloon, marriage officiant, translator, photographer,and a great personality to boot. Mustafa is one cool dude.

The beautiful couple

Naomi's brother, Andrew and his bride, Melanie.


From inches above ground to above the clouds, this ride had it all!

Pre wedding fun

Ever reclined on pillows and rugs outside while enjoying a belly dancing performance? This was my first time, and can you say "surreal"?!